"HELLO! *HUGS YOU REAL TIGHT* (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ WOULD YOU PLEASE SEND THIS TO THE FIRST TEN PEOPLE ON YOUR DASH TO KEEP IT GOING? MAKE SOMEONES DAY WITH A HUG! (i know this is kinda lame, but i just want to try and make people happy so roll with it k (; )"

It’s not lame, anon. Thank you :)


Outskirts of Moscow, 1974. (x)


Sherlock in Black & White [17/∞]

<p>Apologies for the string of random reblogs today— I was on mobile and I had thought I was blogging on my personal blog instead of this one.</p>

How could we not know?

"You should post more!"

I know, I should, sorry nonnie. I have been more in the writing mood lately and haven’t been doing a lot of edits, and this was originally supposed to be an original-edits-only sideblog. So I’ve been doing some reblogging here and there when I remember. I’ll try and do more though!