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How could we not know?

"You should post more!"

I know, I should, sorry nonnie. I have been more in the writing mood lately and haven’t been doing a lot of edits, and this was originally supposed to be an original-edits-only sideblog. So I’ve been doing some reblogging here and there when I remember. I’ll try and do more though!



"best sherlock episode?"

Sorry anon, I was out all day and just saw this.

Ermmmm that’s like trying to make me choose my favorite child. I love different aspects of all the episodes. In terms of character development I think TSOT is my fave (I mean, stag night, HELLO, and it reveals how much Sherlock is in love with John) but in terms of acting, directing, writing, and cinematography taken overall, I think HLV is my fave.